Photos. DV-2019.


Each person must submit their recently taken photo file when submitting their entries for the DV-2019 draw.
Photo should be made in to jpeg files to submit along with the application form. All the dependents too should provide their photos files when the primary applicant is submitting her/his diversity program entry, during the entry submission period through the computer.

Important Notice.

New photo should be taken within 6 months of the submission period, to participate in the draw.
Never use old photo that were used in the past programs like DV-2017 or DV-2018 as entries with old photos will be rejected from the draw.
Black and white photos are not accepted.
Even if your baby was born today, its digital photo should be uploaded with your entry along with its personal details.


Photos (New).

New photo should be taken at a studio as the studio people know the requirements of the American visa photo.
Ask them to provide the photo in a CD, in USB stick, or in external hard disk or they can send it to your email.
Also you can capture a digital photo by using a camera, tablet or your Smartphone with higher pixel quality.
Follow the DV Lottery instructions to take a digital photo.


Photo Size.
Normally the photo size is 600 X 600 Pixels.
The file size should be under 240 Kbs.
Use the image checking facility in the Application form sector to determine the size of the digital photos.

Read More: Digital Image Requirements



The E-DV online entry form requires all applicants and dependents to submit their photo in the digital file format. If the applicant doesn’t upload the photo files with the application form then the application form will not be accepted by the program and will indicate the reason in red color text.

For to make the required photo file the US State department has given some instructions. Those who want to apply must follow it. Also the photos must be recently taken color photos. Recently means within 6 months of the application date.

Married applicants must include their spouse details and an individual image file of the spouse. Those who have eligible children also must include their details and the children’s individual image files along with the details. Failure to do so will end in disqualification.

DV Photos can be taken with a digital camera by setting the required pixel sizes and can be used to apply. Or you can use an image scanner to scan a paper photo according to the instructions and it can be used to apply with the forms. You can check the photo file with the photo tool.


Older photo files used in the previously held program will not be accepted.DV.
Family photos and group photos are not accepted for this visa lottery program.
Black and White photos will not be accepted for the green Card Lottery program.
If the photo are not made according to the specification, your application may be rejected at any time from the US visa Lottery program.
The current program requires photos in 600 x 600 pixels or up to 1200px X 1200px and they must be equal size square.
Photo scanner setting is requested to be set at 300 dpi for the current dv program.
Get your photos taken by a professional photographer in his studio.

If the photo files size is more than the specified size the application will not be accepted.
Before applying check the photo file size online in the official web site through its facility.
Instant camera photo and smaller pixel Smartphone photos are not suitable for the visa lottery program.

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