Application Form.

Application Form

DV-2020 Application Form is now available online.

Eligible people can fill this application form through the internet connected devices. Submit filled entries along with new photo. If accepted, the system will display the confirmation number. Confirmation number should be saved or kept in a safe place. This is the most important thing to check your online selection results in the year 2019.

DV-2020 Application Form Not Available.

It may be a temporary distribution, if the DV-2020 application is not available before the closing date.
If lot of people try to download the application form at a time, the system can’t withstand the request and can go down.
When you have filled and try to submit your entry, the system may not accept it due to heavy traffic.
You may get partial Application when lot of people are trying to download them.
Try again and again to access the application form.
Fill and submit the application form again and again till you see the “success page”.
If you don’t see the “success page” with your name and  Confirmation Number, your entry for the DV2020 draw is not accepted in to the American Diversity Visa Draw in this year

DV-2020 Dateline.

The newly announced entry period was opened at noon, U.S. Eastern Daylight Time on Wednesday October 03, 2018. It was kept opened till noon Eastern Standard Time on November 06, 2018.

Eligible Countries to participate in this year’s Green card Draw Program.
People born in Nigeria and Bangladesh are placed in the ineligible country list under this draw, so they will not be able to participate in the current draw in this year 2018.

Countries NOT Allowed.


Following countries too are not eligible as per the US State Department announcement.
Bangladesh, Brazil, Canada, China (mainland-born), Colombia, Dominican Republic, El Salvador, Haiti, India, Jamaica, Mexico, Nigeria, Pakistan, Peru, Philippines, South Korea, United Kingdom (except Northern Ireland) and its dependent territories, and Vietnam.


DV-2019 Application Form.


DV-2019 Application Form was provided through the official online registration website of the American Government. Millions of people had to accessed the website to submit their entries during the application form submission period. Usually when too much people try to access the site, the site may go down and the forms may not be available for some minutes.

Those eligible people can download and fill this application form through the internet connected PC, Laptop or any hand held devices. Then they can submit their filled entries along with their new photo. Once it is accepted, the system will display the success page with their confirmation number. Confirmation number should be saved or kept in a safe place. This is the most important thing to check your online selection results in the year 2019.

Before to start filling the application form, check the following things.


1. DID your birth happened in an eligible county?
2. Whether you are meeting the education/work experience as required by the rules?
3. Do you have an American visa photo file that was captured within the last 6 months according to the instructions?
4. It is a must for the participant to have her/his own email address.
5. Can you use any of the internet connected laptop or devices to access the official green card draw website?

It is necessary for the participant to have his own email address as the entry form will request to provide one when filling the E-DV Entry form. This email address will not be used to announce the winner, if the person is selected as a winner, This email will be used to communicate by the State Department once you are selected as a winner and you had filed the DS-160 online application form. Apply for the draw by yourself and don’t use private agents, because many of them don’t provide you the required confirmation number and if it is provided by them some time it may be a fake one..The confirmation number is very important as you can’t check your results without it.

Application Form Language.
English is the official language for this draw. So the form will be available in English language only.
So when you are filling the entry form use English alphabets only. Never use other types of fonts like comma on top of C,E and I.

How many parts are there in this dv 2020 application form?
It depends whether you are single or a married person.
If you are single applicant, then you will have only one part to fill and to show the location of your photo and to submit.
If you are a married person with spouse and got children then you will get one more part to fill for the dependents.
Enter the children’s details in their birth order.

Entry Submission.

Once you submit the entry form the system will check for error in it. If found any errors in it. It will be displayed by the system to you to correct them and submit it back. If you have any correction while filling the application form, Don’t use the normal back button on the browser, but use the specially provided button to go to previous page to correct the error.
If everything is correct the form will be accepted and a success page will be displayed in the screen with your name and confirmation number.
Once the form is submitted you will not be able to make any corrections in that form.

DV-2020 Confirmation Number.
When a complete entry is accepted by the system, it will display a page with your confirmation number starting with 2020 in the front.
Also this confirmation number is called as confirmation code, Ticket and password in many parts of the world.
This number will assist you to check your online selection results.
Don’t lose it,as without this you can’t check your selection results online.


Single or Family Application.

An eligible country born single person meeting the required eligibility can submit ONLY ONE green card entry for this draw in this year. It is not necessary to be married person to participate in this green card name selection draw.

Eligible husband and eligible wife can submit one entry each and in this way the family will have two entries for the family in this draw.
if both are selected the one with more qualification must proceed further and the other must stop from processing further.
In the previous year programs you will see automated selection of the gender of the spouse in the second part of the form. Now in the dv 2019 visa lottery application form, it is your duty  to select the gender of your spouse in the second part of the form.

Problem in Accessing The Application Form.


Application for dv-2019 will not available any more. The program had been officially closed from accepting entries on 22nd November 2017.
Now they are selecting the winners under this draw
To participate, wait for the next visa lottery application forms to be available through the internet.

There may be some outage of this form providing website during the application submission period due to technical problems. First check your internet connection and its speed. If they are good try to access the website after some hours.
During the starting and closing dates it will be difficult to access it, as lot of people used to try access it.
Due to heavy traffic, the site may go down. but expect it to be live within hours.
Heavy internet traffic can cause to give you partial or white colored Application form.
If your internet connection is slow, then you have problem to get the entry form.
The US State Department had requested to use the IE Browser which is recommended by them as the other browsers may not be suitable.
Application Form can’t be saved in your PC for using it later.
DV-2019 application form was provided for 34 days during the previously announced application submission dates.

Source: US State Department.

146 Responses to “DV-2020 Application Form”

  1. Timothy UCHE ogbonnaya

    USA government are really trying helping people come over their I really appreciate them,pls inform me when dv2019 starts.

  2. Krishna Prasad Timilsina

    Let’s have DV Lottery form, i am really excited to fill the DV Lottery form upon announced, Its my dream to work in US,

    • lott2019

      All of a sudden the DV-2019 program application providing website went down and the Engineers are working on it. So you can see the under maintenance on the link page. Wait little more time to get the link.

  3. Eric Gaye

    This program has been helping lots of people around the world expecially in Africa.Keep me in the loop when restored, thanks.

  4. philip

    Can you use the country of eligibility part this year? I was born in Nigeria but both my parents are not from that country they are Ghahanaians. I was born when they were on missionary trips

  5. Vivian Joso Mbella

    I was filling out the DV 2019 form but i clicked on submit entry but was unable to get the confirmation number because of power failure . Please can i fill out a new entry?

  6. Junia

    When I tried to submit the first page, it said “At least one data validation error occured on this page. Please scroll down to see the specific error messages”. There is no message, and all are already correct. What seems to be the problem ?

    • lott2019

      They used to put it in red color font. Mostly you may had forgot something in the address or country selection. Or may had forgot to tick the No middle name box.

    • lott2019

      This application form is online one.
      It is available from the official American diversity visa lottery program website.
      Read through our web pages you will find the link to this web site.

        • lott2019

          Brother, DV-2018 and DV-2019 had accepted in 2016 and 2017.
          The next draw is expected to accept entries in the coming year 2018, If President Donald Trump allows to take place along with the Senate House.
          So keep watching the news or visit here regularly to get updates on the American DV Lottery program.

    • lott2019

      Yes, No Forms for the DV-2019 program.
      The program had been closed on 22nd November 2017.
      Wait for the form in the next year dv Lottery program.

  7. Mohamed gbamon

    DV lottery is verry important for the poor people’s like i. i congratulate the american gouvernement for this help and i’ll be great to be informed when the next DV lottery start. So that i’ll submit my announcements.

    • lott2019

      Now it is in the hand of the American President Donald Trump and American Senators.
      Let’s hope they will continue running the #DVLottery program without any restrictions.

    • lott2019

      Accepting in the DV-2019 is over. you have to wait for the next coming program DV-2020
      Visit this page regularly for more updates on this American visa lottery program.

  8. Dicovert Esong

    America has always been my dreams and i beg MY LORD JESUS CHRIST to use this opportunity and make my dream come true. Amen

    • lott2019

      DV-2019 LOTTERY has accepted entries in the year 2017 and the results for the dv-2019 will be available shortly.

    • lott2019

      If you are not from Bangladesh or Nigeria contact us. We will guide you to apply for the coming American visa lottery program.
      Possibly #DV2020 .

  9. Happiness

    please when will Nigeria start participating in the Dv lottery? living and working in America has always be my dream, because I know I would have a good job with a good salary that would help me to achieve all my dreams.

    • lott2019

      When Nigeria sends less people to the USA. Normally within 5 year period less than 50,000 will make the country to be eligible to participate.

    • lott2019

      You can apply for the DV Lottery by yourself or use any of the company by paying to them.
      Read our website good.

    • lott2019

      Abdulai Iddrisu, The DV-2020 visa lottery program is already started on 03rd of October and it will close by 06th november 2018.
      Please read all our web pages before you apply. We have all the website links too here.

    • lott2019

      Hi, don’t be lazy. Read all our web pages . Every thing you will need is here.
      Other wise pay to companies that are charging for to apply on behalf of you.

    • lott2019

      Yes,when you submit the filled entry, the page come as blank with secured connection not connected.
      Already informed to the authorities regarding the problem. Wait and apply later.

    • lott2019

      The American visa lottery is operated by the American Government
      We don’t have any connection with it. The next draw is expected to take place in the coming year. If your birth happened in an eligible country and if you have required education, you caqn participate in it to try your luck. So keep visiting this website for more information on the draw dates.

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