DV Results

DV Results

DV-2020 Results.

DV-2020 results will be available as online results checking facility in the month of May, 2019. This program is going to accept entries from eligible country born people from October 2018 and the process will be completed by the first week of November 2018. Entries will be saved in the KCC computers. After sometime the computers in the KCC will randomly select winners from the submitted Application forms and will provide them case numbers along with their region in it. Then the details will be placed in the official website servers. When people enter their details and check their selection results, it will be shown to them as winner or not been selected. DV winners WILL NOT be notified by KCC through postal mail, email or through personal calls.


The only mean to check your selection results under this draw is to check through the official dv lottery website.

When to check? May 2019.
Where to check? In the official DV website.
How many times do I Have to check? Once enough.
If selected as winner what should I do? Follow the instruction given in the computer screen.
Not selected as a winner. Don’t throw away the confirmation number till the program closes.

Participants of this draw, who have their confirmation numbers with them will be allowed to check their selection status from May 2019 till 30th September 2020 in the official website. No fees will be charged to check your results.

DV 2020 Green card lottery winners will not get wining notifications through postal mail KCC anymore as it was carried before..
KCC will not send any winner notification through postal mail, Email, Fax or through Phone calls.

Don’t forget, the system will accept only English albahepts only when you check your results in their website. Suppose if you put a name like Hüseyin the system will report you that it is a valid name. Because the letter U is having 2 colons on top of it.

All those who had participated in the DV 2020 must check their results individually in the official website from May 2019.
The winning can’t be transferred to another person.
If the primary applicant is deceased, then the his entire dependent will too lose their eligibility under this draw.
Don’t throw away your confirmation number after checking your selection results.
Because there may be some more winners selection may occur in the coming months under the current entry permit draw.

Never believe the printout papers shown by your agent saying that you are winner.
Ask him to show it in the internet connected computer by filling your information in the official website, then and there in front of you.

To check their results they must feed their personal details along with their Confirmation number to see their online selection results.

It can be a notification as NOT SELECTED or will be shown with a winner notification with a case number and other instruction.

You can check the results as much time as you want. But the results will be the same, unless if there are no announcement from the state Department about new selection. No fees will be charged to check your results.

Currently those winners, who had been selected for the Green Card visa lottery program last year, are going through the interviews to get their visas. Those selected winners who are staying in the USA legally can contact the USCIS office to change their current status to American LPR status if their case numbers are current. Each Green card lottery program will close on 30th September officially each year. After this date no one can benefit from the winner selection for that fiscal year program. Try the next coming dv lottery.

Don’t sale your vehicle, property and other valuables, if you are selected as a winner. You can do so, if you had got the American entry permit in your hand.

DV-2019 Results (American Diversity Program Selection).

DV-2019 Results are now available in the official website as online results checking facility. This website provides facility to check all the participants selection results as selected for the program or not selected. This website was opened from the month of May 2018. This results providing web site will be kept open till 30th September 2019 by the U.S.State Department. All the participants and those who have participants full details along with their confirmation number can check the selection results in this website for this particular draws (DV-2017 and DV2018). Around 13 million people had participated in this visa draw using the online application form. There are 50,000 immigrant visas are available through this program. To give away all the available visas under the fiscal year 2019 program, nearly 100,000 applicants will be selected as winners as all the selected winners may not have the required eligibility to issue with the visas.

If you are not selected in the draw, wait for the next diversity program, to participate.
If you are selected as a winner follow the given instructions in the screen.
Selected winners must get a printout of that winner announcement notification.

You can’t transfer your winning to another person.
If a selected person is deceased, the person’s dependents can proceed with the winning any more.

With slow internet connection it is very difficult to check your results.
If lot of people try to check results at a time, chances are there for the official website to go down.
In this case it will display white page. Try after some minutes or hours.
Wait some hours or day and try to check your DV Results.
Check your results once or twice, it is enough.
If you like you can check your results one hundred times, the results will be the same.

It will take just 5 minutes to check your results and it will be shown as “Not Selected” or “Selected Letter”.KCC will not send any winner notification through postal mail. If you get any emails saying that you are selected as a winner in the American Green card draw, don’t believe it as  it is scam artists work to make money from you. If  both the husband and wife are selected as  winner the one with the most qualification must proceed  with the winning and the other one mus with draw from further processing with the selection.

American diversity visa lottery program used to announce their selection results through their official website.
This results checking facility used to be open from the month of May.
Participants or those who have the participants details can check the results by feeding the confirmation number and other details.
If the entered details match with the stored data, the results will be displayed in the computer screen. It will read as selected for the draw or not selected for the draw.

After  checking your Green card selection results, don’t throw away your confirmation number. The U.S State Department had requested the participants to keep the confirmation number till the program officially close.

On the opening dates of this website, there used to be a big rush from the participants to check their luck in this visas draw.
After checking your selection results, don’t throw away the confirmation number. Some time there may be a small selection under the DV-2019 in the coming months. So keep this confirmation number handy. You can check the results as much time as you want. If you are selected as a winner follow the instructions given in the screen. If not selected don’t give up your hope, the new draw is now accepting entries in this year and you can apply again.

DV-2018 Results.

The official website has been closed from providing the DV-2018 online results checking facility. This facility was kept opened till 30th September 2018. All the visas had exhausted under this DV2018 visa lottery program and the program was officially closed on this date..

Following information are “NOT AVAILABLE” in the internet or from KCC.

DV-2019 Selected winners name list.
DV-2019 Name list of the winners who are selected under this draw.
DV lottery winners photos.

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    It is totally in the hands of the luck. Pray to God. If lucky………..

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    if this dv lottery isrepeatedly come i will be success

  4. lott2019

    DV-2019 Results are now available online. You can check them now. Read our pages for more information.

  5. lott2019

    The results are available to check. read our website for more information.

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    how to know dv 2019 results please brifiy for about it

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    I have tried to check for my Diversity Visa 2019 result but to no avail.please help.

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    You are welcome. You can try to get a visitor visa or can participate in the DV Lottery to get your visa.