DV-2020 American Diversity Visa Lottery Program Results.

(Green Card Draw-2020.)

DV 2021 Program is now accepting E-DV Etries.


DV-2020 American visa lottery program provides a clear path for the USA Immigration legally. This draw is placed as the most popular USA Visa draw, where 50,000 USA entry permits are available through random name selection. Two factors must be met by the participants. One is country of birth for the main eligibility. Secondly sound education should be met by the applicants.

The draw is not a money involved lottery draw. It was created for to issue USA visas to low immigrating country born people to maintain the diversity of the people living in the USA. The draw is concluded through the internet only. Official diversity visa lottery website can be accessed through internet connected PC, Laptop, Tablet or Smartphone to access the application form.

Green Card Lottery Applicants, Staying in The USA.

Applicant’s in the USA have good chance to gain a Green Card through this American Diversity Visa Lottery program, if they meet all the eligibility. If the person staying in the USA win in the DV-2020 with lowest case number, then he have the chance to get the Green Card by November 2019. Lot of Libraries in the USA assist with application submitting process through their computers. If you are staying in the USA, check for the libraries, that are near your residence in any of the US town.


Next Green card Lottery program is DV-2021.

Next expected American Green Card Lottery program will be called as DV-2021. So far there are no News about the continuation of the American Diversity Visa Lottery program. Some people are telling that this will be discontinued by the President Donald Trump’s Administration. But as per available News, there are no confirmation about it. If everything goes all right, the DV-2021 visa lottery program is expected to provide application forms and will accept them in the coming year 2019.


Who operates the Diversity Visa Draw?

The United States of America Government is running this draw through their KCC Consular Section.


The Electronic Draw.
Normally around 13 – 14 million people used to participate in this draw in any given year, to get one of the available 50,000 slots. This draw is fully operated officially through the internet and no more paper works are involved during the applying and winner processing.
Eligible people apply through the online website.
Participants check their selection results through the internet in the official website.
No more postal mail for the selected winners.

Selected winners are requested to fill the visa application forms through the internet.
Winners will be scheduled with their interviews through the website.
In this way every thing will be done through the internet and no more paper works are necessary to participate in this electronic visa draw.


DV-2020 Dates and online registration period.


Closed, as per the deadline: 06th November 2018
Entry submission Fee: Free.
Eligible Countries: As like DV-2019 (No change from the previous year draw. Nigeria and Bangladesh still remains in the not allowed list).
Results: By MAY 2019.
Visa Interviews:
From 01st of October 2019 and will be closed on 30th September 2020.
LPR Petitioning in the USA :: Opens on 01st of October 2019.
Visas processing fee: US$ 330 for the primary applicant and each of her/his eligible dependents.


Current American visa lottery program had accepted entries in the year 2017 for the Fiscal Year 2019 program. People who want to participate in this name selection lucky draw will have to do everything through the online facilities.
Those selected winners who are attending visa processing have to go to the Embassy personally.

This programs DV-2019’s official name is American Diversity Visa lottery Program. Meanwhile this program is popularly known as Green card lottery, all over the world.

DV2020 Rules.

There are some strict rules are placed for the participants to enter their names in to this DV 2020 draw. So read them good, if you are interested in to participating in this draw.

Each applicant can submit ONLY one entry to this draw in any given year as primary applicant with his name whether she/he single or married person. it is not necessary to be a married person to participate in this draw, as singles too are allowed to participate, if they have the required eligibility. Married person must include his spouse and all the eligible children with their individual digital photo files.


If have submitted the application form (E-DV Entry) in this year 2018 wait for to check the result in the year 2019.
50,000 Immigrants visas will be issued through this annual program before 30th September 2020 under this FY2020 draw.
After this date no one can claim their winnings under this program.

DV-2020 Application Fees.

No fee will be charged from the participants if they can submit their own entry through the internet.
Agents and visa consultants may charge a fee to submit your entry on behalf of yourself. Some of the bad agents used to include their email address in the application form to exhort money from the participant, if she/he is selected as a winner.
Successful winners staying in the USA can request the USCIS to change their status to LPR (Green card) if their case numbers are current and visas are available under this program.

DV-2020, Results.


DV-2020 Results will be available in the year 2019. Diversity visa processing fee for winner is US$ 330 (Non-refundable.)
When DV Lottery winner gets U.S. immigrant visas at the interview, must have to pay another processing fee of US$ 165 for  USCIS office before reaching the USA.

This diversity visa lottery website will work with a variety of Internet browsers. Although it is best supported by Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher version. as per the U.S State Department announcement.

Read  DV-2020 program Instructions to see whether your country is listed in the eligible countries list.

Source: U.S State Department.


So far there are no NEWS about discontinuing of the American Diversity Visa Lottery program.
As usual the draw DV-2020 has been accepted application forms and had been closed.
The Next Diversity Visa Lottery Program is DV-2021 expected to be open in the year 2019 to accept entries.
People who are expecting to participate in the American Green Card lottery must read the DV-2020 instructions to see whether their birth country is in the allowed country list (Eligible Country List).


As per USA Today

“President Trump’s plan would also include a massive cut in family-based immigration and the end to a diversity visa lottery system that gives preference to immigrants from under-represented countries, according to a White House briefing for congressional staffers and Trump allies hosted by White House senior adviser Stephen Miller.

Visa lottery. Created by Congress in 1990, the diversity visa lottery grants 50,000 visas a year to people from countries under-represented in the U.S. In recent years, most have come from Africa, Asia and Eastern Europe.

The White House plan would devote those slots to fill in the family-based and high-skilled visa backlog. After those slots are filled, the visa lottery would end completely, Miller said.”

For the Diversity Visa (Green Card) Lottery, read all our web pages.
If you don’t have good knowledge of this DV 2020 draw, you may loose your money and time.