Diversity visa fees will apply only for the selected winners of the current fiscal year program DV-2019. Never send money overseas to get American Diversity Visas those are promised by the phone calls or e-mails.

No fee will be charged from the applicants to participate in the American Diversity Program. For this they must have the internet connected devices to submit their own online entries. People who don’t know to use internet can contact service providers or local agents to submit their entries. These service providers or the local agents may request service charge from the applicants for their services.

Participants can check whether they are selected as winners or not after the release of the results in the official website.

Diversity Visa Fees Payment.


Selected winners of the American diversity visa lottery program must go to the US Embassies or to the USCIS offices to do their visa processing, when their case numbers are current. At the time of their interview they must pay US$ 330 for the primary applicant and each of their dependents even if the dependents are not willing to immigrate to the USA with the primary applicant.

The money can be paid in US dollars or in local currency as instructed by the consular office on the day of your visa interview. A receipt will be given for the amount that you had paid as visa processing fees.This visa processing fees can’t be refunded, if you failed to receive the visas for any given reason.

Also the winners must pay for their medical examinations, police clearance and other related expenses. People traveling to other countries must bear all the traveling, accommodation and food expenses as the American Government won’t offer any support for the selected winners financial needs.

Diversity Visa Fees



Never send money through bank, post, or through other money sending facilities to obtain American Diversity Visas.

Those winners who had successfully obtained their American entry permits must pay another fee as USCIS processing fee before to get their Green Card under the draw. This amount US$ 165 must be paid through the online paying facility through credit cards.

Important Notice For DV Winners.

As a DV-2019 or dv-2020 winner, don’t sale your property. Don’t give up your current job. To do these wait for the interview day and see whether you are successful in getting those necessary visas.
The fee for the interview is called as Visa Processing Fees. You are issued with the visas or not the processing fee is theirs.
DV lottery winners will not be allowed to attend to their interviews without paying their non-refundable visa processing fees.
If for any given reason the visas are rejected, the visa processing fee will not be refunded to the winner.
He can’t request for another interview.
The decisions is final
There are no ways to complaint against the decision.
You can’t appeal against the decision through any other departments.

There are 50,000 visas only available and there are 100,000 winners waiting for their chance.
So all the winners will not called for the interview.
Once again you have to depend on your LUCK.

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