DV 2018 closing date is 30th September 2018. It was announced in the dv 2018 instructions and through the visa bulletin pages. As the program had closed officially, the selection of many winners go as null. All the winners who were selected as winners under this draw were requested to convert their winning in to immigrant visas by attending the visa interviews before 30th September 2018 midnight.

The official DV-2018 visa lottery program had been officially closed, all the remaining and pending cases too will be closed. The winning can’t be carried over to the next draw. Also you can’t complaint about this to any department of US Government. Closed means closed and nothing can’t be done in the future with your 2018 selection.

Some people who had been issued with the visas before 30th September and are waiting for some paper works may become as lucky people to obtain their visas.Those who are with pending back round checks may have to loose their visas as the officials don’t know when their cases will be finalized.

DV 2018 closing date

Under the 2018 DV program, people who had been rejected with their visa interviews can’t do nothing against their decisions. Their visa processing fee too can’t be refunded according to the rules. The rejected case people can’t complain against the consular officer’s decision.
DV 2018 closing date was 30th September 2018 and no more actions can’t be done by the winners or officers.

Some people may approach you to be helpful in this rejection cases. Don’t believe them. They are fake personal with the idea of getting money from you under the visa assistance help. Ignore them and don’t communicate with them. Lot of people had lost money to these people

Those winners who had missed the DV-2018 interviews or was not called can apply for the current draw DV-2020 now. Those people who had been refused of visas at the time of their interviews, need not to participate in the current draw. Because it is very rare for them to get change their eligibility in quick time.

DV-2020 are now being called for the ir visa interviews according to their case numbers and their region.

DV-2019 Results

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