DV 2019 Instructions. American Diversity Visa Instructions.

DV-2019 Instructions is now available in the internet. The starting of the American Green card lottery program date can be seen here. And it is available through the print and electronic media too.

Those who want to participate in this diversity visa draw must read and understand this DV 2019 Instructions before to submit their entries.

Official Language of the draw: English and the instruction in the English language will be considered as the governing one

DV 2019 instructions used to be published in the English language. It can be found in the internet as HTML text and you can find it in PDF format too. Translations of these instructions available in the other major languages too in the official web site during the entry submission period. The English language one will be regarded as the official version for the dv 2019 program. The visa lottery instructions used to contain the following information in it. Eligibility requirements, eligible countries, photo requirements, time to apply and FAQ along with many other important things related to the program for the fiscal year 2019.

Read the instructions carefully before applying for the program and understand the instructions and specially read about the Affidavit of Support in the FAQ section. Many participants think that this program is a free to apply and once they are selected as winners they can fly to the USA. That is totally wrong, to get those entry permits those winners must face the immigrant visa interview to proof their eligibility and on that day that they must provide affidavit of support through the I-134 form. If the winner don’t have a perfect sponsor, then they may not see the USA unless they provide a job offer in the USA enough funds for the survival. So it is important for you to have a close friend or relative in the USA and they must be either US Citizen or LPR holder to get the visa on the day of the dv interview.

Most of the US Embassy websites around the world offered DV 2019 Instructions in the local languages in PDF file format to provide information for the local people regarding the diversity names selection draw.
If you are looking for the current visa lottery instructions in your mother tongue, check your country U.S Embassy website to see if they are providing the required translation work in PDF format. It is free to download from their website in PDF format. For Example Sri Lanka people can get the instructions as Sinhala and Tamil language translations through the Sri Lanka U.S Embassy website. Like wise Bangladesh people can find the Bangla language translation in their country US Embassy website, even if their country is allowed NOT allowed to participate in this year program.

DV-2019 Instructions In Other Languages.

Normally the DV instructions used to be available in the following major languages.
They are Albanian, Arabic, Armenian, Bahasa Indonesia, French, Hungarian, Italian, Japanese, Latvian, Polish, Romanian , Russian, Turkish, Ukrainian and Uzbek.

Many US Consular offices offer free printout of the instructions, and if you can visit their offices personally, you can get one of the copy from them. Also some US Consular offices used to offer free seminars on the diversity visa program in local languages. General public can put their questions regarding the program to the consular officers at the venues. Read your local Newspapers for to find out about these DV Lottery seminars and other announcements from the Embassy..

Lot of winners didn’t read the instructions and once they became as a winner they used to attend the interview and used to fail at the interview and will be refused of their visas and used to lost their visa fees of US$ 330 which is a big amount for many of the poor country people.

Unofficial DV-2019 Instructions are available in the following languages.
Take note, that the English language one is the official one.












DV 2019 Instructions

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  1. Ntale David

    It has always been my Dream living and working in the United States of America..
    Am greatly Interested

  2. Sharon Tetee Jackson

    I really want to know, I have three kids and their father and I are seperated Iam with another man should I play with them?

  3. lott2019

    If you are not divorced, then you must include your husband name and photos as you stay legally married.

  4. Ronaldo

    Boa Tarde, Eu gostaria de saber o seguinte, eu tenho uma noiva e vamo nos casar no ano de 2018, e pretendo jogar no DV loteria, jogo junto com ela? como faço?

  5. Timothy Seequeh

    I contiunue to play for the past 10 years but my name always being rejected why?

  6. Timothy Seequeh

    I contiunue to play DV for the past 10 years but my name always being rejected why?

  7. lott2019

    It is not being rejected.
    Not being selected by their computer.

  8. lott2019

    Hi winning lottery is not in our hand. It is only through your Luck.

  9. lott2019

    Yes you can participate if you meet the education requirements.

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