DV-2019 interview rescheduling is not allowed in many countries. As a dv 2019 winner once your interview date is fixed you will be notified about it through the American official website. You have to honor that interview date and time and must attend it for to get your American immigrant visas under the official diversity visa lottery program.

If you don’t attend it in time the next person in the line will be called for the interview. And you will never get the chance once again to attend the visa interview. Also you can’t complaint or protest against the decision.

Many US Consular offices allow to reschedule a winner’s interview only if it is supported by medical purpose only and for to do this you have to provide medical certificate from an authorized medical officer.

There are 50,000 visas only available through the American Diversity Visa Lottery program each year. These visas should be issued in the current lottery program and the remaining visas cann’t be carried out to the next year program. For this reason KCC used to select nearly 100,000 every year to issue the available 50,000 visas.

In the early years winners were allowed to reschedule their DV lottery interviews as they wanted. But lot of people who schedule their interviews used to go in to performing illegal processing before they attend the interviews. Because of these the visa interview rescheduling is very tightly observed by the Authorities. In some African countries DV-2019 interview rescheduling is totally restricted even if you provide a valid medical reason.


DV-2019 interview rescheduling.


So as a DV Lottery winner honor your interview date and attend to the processing. If there are any short coming you can submit them after some days. Most of the cases they will allow you till to the last days of the program to submit the missing papers or other documents.But missing it will spoil your hard earned lucky position.


DV-2019 Interview

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