DV-2019 Interviews.

DV-2019 visa interviews are over. DV2019 visa lottery program was officially closed by the US State Department on 30th September 2019. After this date all the winning selection will go as NULL. There are no visas are available under this draw. You can’t use this winnings in the coming visa lottery draw..For further information on this matter check the Official American visa bulletin pages for the year 2019.
DV-2020 is now calling the selected winners under this program to process their winning, if their case numbers are current.
From 02nd of October 2019 till 05th November 2019 you can apply for the current draw DV2021.

DV-2019 Interviews for the selected winners outside of the USA, had began from 01st of October 2018. They started to call from the lowest case numbers in the order. Some time winners with the high case numbers may not be called for the interview as the available visas may get exhausted. This used to be happen every year. Winners are requested by the US Government not to leave their jobs or sell their properties till they get their visas in their hands.

Meanwhile selected winners staying in the USA can contact the USICS office to change their current status to LPR status, if their case numbers are current in any month and this will apply for the DV-2019 participants only. Selected winners in the USA or outside are requested to provide Affidavit of support for them and to their dependents while they are attending the interviews. They have to use correct official form for the Affidavit of Support.

DV-2019 Winners Staying in USA.

Those selected winners outside of the USA can login to the Entrant Status Check on the E-DV website, and can check for their interview letters.  If their case numbers are current in this month. This will apply for the selected winners of the DV-2019 draw.


DV-2019 interviews in October 2018.

For October, immigrant numbers in the DV category are available to qualified DV-2019 applicants chargeable to all regions/eligible countries as follows. When an allocation cut-off number is shown, visas are available only for applicants with DV regional lottery rank numbers BELOW the specified allocation cut-off number: Before you attend the visa interview check the US Embassy website of your country for correct information.
Because some country may request I-864 incited of I-134 for the petitioner form.

January 2019 Case Numbers For DV-2019 Winners in USA and outside.

AFRICA 13,100 Except: Egypt 8,300
ASIA 3,800 Except: Iran 2,900 and Nepal 2,150
EUROPE 8,800
and the CARIBBEAN 550


Interview case numbers for December 2018, UNDER DV-2019.

AFRICA 9,800, Except: Egypt 6,200
ASIA 2,900, Except: Iran 2,200 Nepal 1,500
EUROPE 6,600

DV-2019 Interview case numbers for November 2018.


AFRICA 6,400 Except: Egypt 4,000
ASIA 1,600 Except: Iran 1,550 and Nepal 1,100
EUROPE 4,400
and the CARIBBEAN 355

DV-2019 Interview case numbers that will be current in October 2018.

AFRICA 2,750 Except: Egypt 1,900
ASIA 1,000 Except: Iran 800, Nepal 600
EUROPE 2,000
and the CARIBBEAN 150



DV applicants are requested to bring the following documents for their visa interview
A) Documents necessary for all Diversity Visa applicants
2.Original Birth Certificate and photocopy
3.English translation of Birth Certificate and Photocopy
4.Original Marriage Certificate and Photocopy
5.English translation of Marriage Certificate and Photocopy
6.Original Divorce Certificate – Decree absolute and Photocopy (Only if applicable)
7.English translation of No. 6 (Only if applicable) and Photocopy
8.Original Death Certificate and Photocopy (Only if applicable)
9.English translation of No. 8 (Only if applicable) and Photocopy.

Medical Report.

10. Medical Reports and one photocopy of the reports. Please schedule an appointment with a panel physician.
Forms for the medicals are available with the panel physician.

11. If you have lived in any other foreign country for more than six months, you might require a police clearance report from that country If you have lived in any other foreign country for more than a year, you must obtain a police clearance from that country. Check http://www.travel.state.gov/visa/fees/fees_3272.html for instructions on how to obtain clearances from other countries.
12.Two Color Photographs -2” X 2” front view, white background
13. Fee per person -$ 330/-or Sri Lankan Rs. 44,600/- The fee has to be paid to the U.S Embassy cashier on the visa interview day.
Please bring a bank draft addressed to “US EMBASSY, COLOMBO”. Write your full name and the passport number behind the bank draft. Or you may bring cash to pay the visa fee.

Police Clearance.

14. Police clearance report to be obtained from the Sri Lanka Police headquarters for applicants above 16 years old: Submit your application for a Police clearance certificate at the Police headquarters – 31, Olcott Mawatha, Pettah, Colombo 12 (Police Welfare Building at the Police headquarters) with the following documents:

Police Clearance Docements.

1.Photocopy of National ID card.- Women who use their husband’s family name must submit a copy of the marriage certificate and an affidavit stating the maiden name and the name after the marriage.
2.Photocopy of Birth Certificate.
3.Photocopy of passport.
4.A fee of Sri Lankan Rupees 500/-
Embassy requires a Police clearance report that covers from the age of 16. While filling the application, you may request for a clearance “from birth”. The clearance certificate will be mailed to your address by registered post in approximately 3-4 weeks.

Download the application form for the police clearance certificate (http://www.police.lk/divisions/clearence.asp).
Application forms are also available at the police head quarters.

DV-2019 Interview

Source: Visa Bulletin.

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