DV-2019 Results


DV-2019 Results are now available in the internet. The results checking website was opened in the month of May,2018. Now you can visit the  this American Government’s official website and can check your selection status. DV2019 Selection results will not be sent through by postal mail or through email by the KCC. In the previous years KCC did sent the selection results by postal mail and the process is now completely stopped by the KCC. Each entrants must go to the official website and need to check their results online.

If you are selected under the dv-2019 American visa draw, get a printout of that displayed winner letter. This printout should be provided to the interviewing consular officer, on the day of  your interview. After finding the winning letter, read it and follow the given instruction as stated in that letter.

Not selected under the visa draw in this year, don’t worry wait for the next coming diversity visa program DV-2021 to check your luck to immigrate to the USA.

DV-2019 Results.

Most of the dv lottery participants think they may be informed through email as they had provided it in the application form. It is wrong. All the people must check their results by providing their DV 2019 confirmation number along with their names and other details to be shown with their individual selection results.

Years back selected winners were sent with the winning notification to their home addresses by the KCC to continue with their winning in this Green card Lottery program. Now it is no more. The draw is conducted only through internet connected computers, Tablets or Smartphone. So a participant will submit DV Entry through internet connected device later the selection results can be checked through any internet connect4ed device. If selected as a winner need to continue with your winning by submitting the DS 260 thorough internet. Second letter will be too provided through the internet for with the interview date and time.

DV-2019 Results Checking.

Keep your confirmation number starting with 2019.
When checking for your friend then get his full name and date of birth.
Then go to the official website and fill the required fields and the “Captcha” code.
DV results will be displayed then and there.

Selected as a winner take a print out of the displayed letter and follow the given instructions.
Not selected?
Don’t worry wait for the next draw to participate and to try your luck.

A person’s inning can’t be transferred to another person.
If the primary applicant is decease, then the dependents can’t proceed with the winning.
Child born after applying can be included in the online visa application form later.

How many times need to check the Results?
Once or twice is enough but don’t throw away the confirmation number.
Keep watching for any notifications from the State Department as they may select some more winners in the near feature.

Why DV-2019 Result Display Error Message?
Main one: Your Entry is Removed. Why?  Check in this Page.

Following things may cause the problem.
1. Incorrect confirmation number, name or birth year..
2. The confirmation number must start with 2019 or 2018.
3. Check how many text and numbers are there. (16 is the normal one.) Even if one is less, you won’ get the results.
4. If you happened to submit multiple entries, it may be the problem.
5. In the Application form, if you had updated older photos, this too can affect your results display.
6. Slower internet connection too can cause the problem

If the problem persists, contact bbsnetting@gmail.com

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  1. Amine Abadidi

    hi, im checking for my friend and im pretty much sure i have the right confirmation number, but they said its invalid number ! is that mean she didn’t make it or what ! please and thank you

  2. addis alem gebregiorgis

    I have applied for dv lottery for 26 consecutive years, but never won. what dreamer hehhh? ” i am the american dream i guess”

  3. Fils

    HI There,
    In my application, I did not put my middle name, on;ly used first and last names. Would that be a problem if selected?

  4. abdel aziz

    hello.please i wish to ask whether the result of dv lottery 2019 have been released? i’m from cameroon

  5. lott2019

    Not only you there are millions playing this. But keep playing this as this is one and only true way to reach USA, if you meet the sensibilities.


    hello.please i wish to ask whether the result of dv lottery 2019 have been released? am from uganda

  7. joel biakisaka chwa

    i try to see about my status which should we know it to day but they are giving me which is started from 2018 and mine is for 2019

  8. Isaac Alvin Anning

    Am waiting to check my result today, I need you guys prayers .

  9. Isaac Alvin Anning

    America is my dream country to be, God give me chance to win this year lottery.
    America : In God we trust.
    Am from Ghana

  10. David G. Taigbailee

    Hello my confirmation number is correct, but I am continuously being told that I should enter 16 digit number and my confirmation number is actually 16 and it starts with 2019.

  11. zahoor Ahmad Ehsaa

    Dear lott2019:
    i am kindly requesting you for updating me the exact date of DV 2019 as that should be announced on May 2018 which didnt.
    Thank you


    Confirmation number-20196759OP7I26XI, Year of birth-1997 , Name -RAM, SHIV SHANKAR.

  13. stephen kwesi Ankomah

    please can you give me the website to check my result

  14. Garrick Cormack

    Hi. I am checking my DV2019 application, have the right confirmation/application number, obviously my right last name & year of birth, site says number is wrong. Def not wrong. Any advice please? I applied last year, for DV2019, supposed ot check result after May 15. Something not right. Thanks.

  15. goyitom

    When we check status of DV 2019 on our application it started on may 15, 2018

  16. Mesfin Habtamu

    how to seen my result .confirmation no work

  17. Hatim Elhadi Ibrahim

    I am waiting to know the results of 2019 DV Lottery


    hello.please i wish to ask whether the result of dv lottery 2019 have been released? i’m from TOGO

  19. Workinesh

    Hello.please i wish to ask whether the result of dv lottery 2019 have been released? i’m from Ethiopia



  21. nana

    pls i want to know if the website for checking the wheather i hv been won, hv been changed?… because the website is not openning

  22. lott2019

    Results are now available to check. Go ahed with this number.

  23. lott2019

    Follow the instructions in this page.Results are now available.

  24. lott2019

    Follow the instructions in this page. Page now works

  25. lott2019

    Just Follow the instructions in this page. Page now works

  26. lott2019

    Follow the instruction given by us in this page. You must see your DV2019 results.

  27. lott2019

    Already available. Check this page from up to down.

  28. lott2019

    US Government has opened the website to check the DV Results for DV-2019

  29. lott2019

    It is simple. Read our page and its instructions.


    my confirmation number is not working what can i do

  31. lott2019

    DV Lottery.
    You have to participate through the internet.
    You must have born in an eligible country and need to have the required education too.

  32. lott2019

    It must start with 2019.
    Total 16 digit.
    There are agents who give fake confirmation number.

  33. lott2019

    Hi, now you can check your selection results with this code.

  34. lott2019

    You can check your selection results now.
    Don’t throw away the confirmation number if not selected. Keep it.

  35. lott2019

    Use your confirmation number to check your selection.
    Only you can do it.

  36. lott2019

    Then it is ok. Go to the official website and check.

  37. lott2019

    If you have the confirmation number, you can check the results online now.

  38. lott2019

    use this number code to check your results. It is opened now.

  39. lott2019

    Please read our web page all the information are there.

  40. lott2019

    If you send us the photo of the confirmation paper, then only we can check it for you.

  41. lott2019

    Here is the Result for Ram.
    “Based on the information provided, the Entry HAS NOT BEEN SELECTED for further processing for the Electronic Diversity Visa program at this time.
    Please verify that you have entered all information correctly. You may re-check the Entry status by clicking on the ESC Home Page link below.”

  42. lott2019

    Sorry for late reply.
    Verify your selection now, if you didn’t check it before.

  43. lott2019

    Go to the official website to check your DV-2019 Results now.

  44. lott2019

    The results for DV-2019 are available online to check.
    After checking don’t throw away the confirmation number. Keep it till September 2019.

  45. Dinku janbe hirpa

    This is my confirmation number
    20195Z00EB1UX7JZ what is my result

  46. Rabuma

    Your Comment Here…please would you tell me? about my result. (20194r5on3zsw5qy)

  47. Mahdi Adam

    my confirmation number is not working, i have tried many times, keep on telling me check your confirmation code correctly.

  48. yared gebrehiwot

    when am trying to check the dv 2019 lottory results based on my confirmation page it is not working, what shall i do?

  49. lott2019

    Check your application submitted date.
    If it was submitted by October 3 – 10 your confirmation number is null.

  50. lott2019

    Find the submitted date.
    Is it between 03/10 – 10/10?
    Your confirmation number is null.

  51. Ndifor Martin

    Please I have check my results many times but they keep saying something went wrong? What can I do please?

  52. Bizuwork Mamo Manyzewal


  53. lott2019

    What is this?
    To check results you must have confirmation number starting with 2019

  54. lott2019

    Read our website. We have given the instructions.

  55. Karim

    Please we tried to check our result but got this message :information entered is not valid, and we are sure that we entered the correct info sent to us when we applied for the DV2019. could you please clarify the issue. thanks,

  56. Eric

    I have checked the 2019 lot so many times please can you consider me?

  57. lott2019

    Checking the results once is enough.
    Wait for any notices, to see, if there are any more small selection.

  58. Mavis

    Hi, please am yet to apply for the lottery
    When will the date for new registration be available, and where do I get the site for the registration? And how long will it take for the result to be ready

  59. lott2019

    Apply in this year results next year.
    Keep watching our website.

  60. Michelle kouamo

    Confirmation number: 20197GRE17KBMFEZ
    Year of Birth : 1997

  61. lott2019

    Based on the information provided, the Entry HAS NOT BEEN SELECTED for further processing for the Electronic Diversity Visa program at this time.

  62. Aye Nu Win

    May I know the result please.My confirmation number is 20196HA1BHU8AAGI

  63. lott2019

    Need confirmation number, full name as in the success page and your year of birth to check your DV-2019 selection Results.

  64. May john

    Your Comment Here…pls when will the dv-application form for 2018/2019
    be out

  65. lott2019

    Next lottery is DV-2020 and it is expected to take place in this year. No exact dates are available so far. Keep watching here.

  66. Mon-Darius Julue

    I’m Mon-Darius Julue from Liberia, I played dv 2019 but I lost all my information how can I retrieve my information in order to check my result?

  67. lott2019

    se the results checking facility help field to recover the lost confirmation in that website.

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