DV-2020 is closed from accepting entries from the eligible participants through the online Application forms. People are advised not to participate in this draw, if their birth was not happened in an eligible country or don’t have education/work experience. There were alternate ways to participate in the draw, if the eligibility of birth didn’t allow to participate for the draw. DV-2020 Instructions provides information on who are eligible to participate, and for those whose birth happened to took place in an non-eligible country.

A person was allowed to submit ONLY ONE entry with his name as primary applicant in the draw.
If both husband and wife are meeting the eligibility, then both of them were allowed to submit one entry each for the family.
DV-2019 winners whom don’t have hope to get the visa interview letter, too were allowed to apply for the DV-2020.

To participate, you should have passed the High School certificate with compulsory subjects after completing 12 years of education.
Participant should have studied for12 years in the Junior and high schools. And then should have passed the CGE A/L, WAEC or your  country’s High School Certificate.

DV-2020 Application Forms.

Before to apply for the DV-2020 American Diversity Visa Lottery program read the DV-2020 instructions in English and understand it completely. If eligible, make your digital photo file for the DV Lottery as per the instructions and save it in your computer.

Visit the American visa lottery official website and go to the 2020 application section and open the application form section.
There download the form and fill it within the 60 minutes of time period.
Only English alphabets must be used to fill the form. No problem in using small letter or capital letter in the application form.
If had successfully submitted your application form, you will be shown with the “Success page” with the confirmation number.
This confirmation number will work as password to check your selection Results in the coming year.

Total Visas.

There are 50,000 American visa are available under this fiscal year 2020 program.
Winners will be called for the interviews from 1st of October 2019. And this will continue till the closing date 30th September 2020.
No country can get more than 3,500 visas under this program.

Persons staying in the USA have good chance under this draw to get a Green Card. If they are staying legally in the USA and meet this Diversity Visa Lottery program’s requirements..

The American Government had warn against using fraudulent methods to get Diversity Visas. Violators will be banned from entering the USA for 99 years. Also will be prosecuted according to the person’s own country law.
DV-2020 is accepting entries 24 hours a day.

DV-2020 is accepting

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    You can apply to this American Visa Lottery program, when they open the website only. On the other days no one can apply for the draw. Keep watching this website for the next coming draw and application submitting dates.

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