DV-2020 Results will be available in the coming year 2019. This is for the draw which had accepted Application Forms in the year 2018. People can check their results in the year 2019. After the month of May 2019, the selection results can be checked in the official website of the DV Lottery program. The facility will be kept open till September 2020 for to check the selection results of the participants. No fee will be charged to check the selection results. There is no limit too will not be applied on how many times an applicant can check their selection results.

If you don’t know to check the results, take a photo of the “DV-2020 Submission Confirmation Entry received” page and send it to bbsnetting@yahoo.com

DV-2020 Results Facility.

Official website of the DV Lottery program. Here.
Results will be shown as selected or not selected.
Selected winners under the DV-2020 will be shown with a letter in the computer screen.
If selected as a winners under the DV-2020 draw, follow the instructions given in the winner’s letter.

After checking your DV-2020 American visa draw selection results, don’t throw away your confirmation number.

DV-2020 Results, Who Can Check The Results?

Those people who have the DV2020 applicants confirmation number and personal details can check their selection results.
Step by step guide.
1. Go to the official results checking website.
2. Click on the “Continue” button.
3. Fill the confirmation number which is starting with 2020 and must have 16 Alpha-digits in it.
4. Then fill the personal details in the other fields.
5. Finally fill the “Captcha” details in the field and press the “Submit” button.
6. The DV-2020 results will be shown in the computer screen.

Those who don’t have their confirmation number can’t check their results.
Confirmation numbers which don’t start with 2020 in the front or don’t have the have 16 Alpha-digits in it is not useful to check the DV2020 Results in the online website.

The KCC will not answer your calls or email regarding the results checking facility. They will respond to you if you write your full name and the current case number in your email.

DV-2020 Results

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