DV 2020 Results are available in the internet for to check the selection results for the American visa draw. Participants can go the Official Results checking website and can feed their confirmation number and their required personal details. If every things are correct the results will be displayed in the computer screen. Display 1. Winner letter. Display 2 Not Selected. Display 3 Error in the confirmation number or personal details. The results checking website will be kept open till next year for the DV-2020 participants to check their online selection results. Email, Postal Mail, Fax or Phone calls will NOT be used to announce the winners. Only method is to check your results in this website.

DV 2020 is the current American Diversity Visa Lottery program. It is for the fiscal year 2020. It is NOW accepting entries through the internet only. The selection results are expected to be released by May 2019. Interviews under this draw are expected start by 01st of October 2019. The program will close on 30th September 2020 after completing its task of issuing the available 50,000 visas under the FY2020.

DV-2020 Opening and Closing Dates.

Opening: Noon, Eastern Daylight Time (EDT) (GMT-4), Wednesday, October 3, 2018.
Closing:  Noon, Eastern Standard Time (EST) (GMT5),Tuesday, November 6, 2018

American President Donald Trump.
DV 2020


This American diversity visa lottery program is operated by the State Department according to the U.S Senate house guidance. This draw is conducted every year to maintain the diversity of the people living in the USA. There is no fee is charged for the participation in the draw. But if selected as a winner then the person must pay the non refundable visa processing fee of US$ 330 for him and each of his dependents on the day of his interview, if called for.

To participate in the selection draw the person must have been born in an eligible country. Or should have married to a person who is eligible to participate in the draw. Or if their birth happened to eligible country born people while they were staying in a ineligible country. Read the eligibility requirements in the latest Instructions.  Also the participant had completed High School Degree successfully after studying in the Junior and High Schools for 12 years. People with work experience too can apply if they had studied the profession for two years and had worked in the job for two years within the 5 year period. Take note it is very rare to get visas with the work experience.

Married participants must include their own children and previous marriage children who are unmarried and under the age of 21. They must be included with their photos even if they are not living with the parents or don’t like to immigrate to the USA with their parents. These children should be entered in the E-DV entry according to their birth order. There is no need to include those children who are already LPR or citizenship holder in the USA. Children must be included in the E-DV entry form according to their birth order.

DV 2020 Application Form.

The application form will be available only through the online website during the application form submission period. You must download it and fill it within the given 60 minutes time period and have to obtain the confirmation number that used to be displayed once the entry is accepted by the US Government. Keep record of the confirmation number as it will work as password to visa your selection results in the coming year.
Winners with high case numbers from the previous year draw too can participate in this draw.

Must be color photo in white back round without glasses. Not more than 6 months old. Photo Size: 600px X 600px. Don’t use previously submitted photo files.All the dependents too provide digital photo files. Must meet the file size.

DV-2020 Program Dates: Already announced.
Where to apply? Here.

DV 2020 Draw.

The above draw is totally conducted through the Internet connected devices. So those who want to participate in this draw are required to be good in using their internet connected computer. And are required to have their own email addresses.

See how the draw is conducted.
1. DV Instructions, opening and closing of the program dateline are provided through the PDF.
2. E-DV Entry will be available through the website.
3. Selection results will be provided through the website, when the applicant provides his/her personal details.
4. Winner selection notification will be shown in the computer screen. (You need to get a printout of it)
5. Selected winner need to apply for the immigrant visa through the online Visa Application Form DS-260.
6. Visa interview letter will be sent to you through the official website, and can be seen when you login.

For DV 2020 both Nigeria and Bangladesh born people can’t participate as both these countries are placed in the  NOT allowed country list.


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  1. lott2019

    DV-2020 is expected to accept entries in this year. So keep watching this website for more information.

  2. lott2019

    The form is available in the official DV lottery website. Go toi our web pages, read and find the link.

  3. emylan

    hello, I used a company and paid funds to enter me in the lottery for 2020. I have given a confirmation number, please can you provide the link as to where to enter this number, as i was not provided with this guidance.

  4. lott2019

    The results will be provided by May. Till then you have to wait. So contact us by May 2019 to your DV-2020 American visa lottery Results.

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