DV 2021 had Accepted E-DV Entries.

DV 2021 American Diversity Visa Program had provided and accepted duly filled E-DV entries through their official website from 02nd October 2019. And they had stopped this facility after 35 days. It means on 05th November 2019 Application Forms providing and accepting them was stopped by the official American DV Lottery website. Hereafter no one will be allowed to use the system to get forms or to submit them.
18 years is the minimum age limit as to meet the education qualification. There is no maximum age limit but you have to pass the medical examination through the Embassy designated medical officer.

It is necessary to include your Valid International Passport details in the Application Form of the 2021 DV Program.

DV 2021 Conditions to participate in the draw.

  1. You must have born in an eligible country as listed by the US State department.
  2. It is required to have passed high school Degree after studying in schools for 12 years. (EG: HSC, GCE, SSC)
  3. Otherwise must have 2years of work experience within the last 5year after studying it for 2 years. (Less chance)
  4. Must have Valid, unexpired, International Passport. (Only required for the primary applicant)
  5. It is not necessary to be a married woman/man to submit your entry. If single enter in to the draw as single.
  6. Married person must include spouse and all their eligible children with their photo files in Application Form.
  7. Failure to include spouse or children will result in disqualification from the draw.

    More on DV-2021.

  8. Don’t change your passport number or obtain a new one till 30th September 2021.
  9. If selected, failure to provide the original passport details in the visa application form will result in Rejection.
  10. Selected winners must have enough money to survive in the USA or must provide one USA sponsor (Petitioner)
  11. Till you get the visas in your hand don’t sale your property or wealth.
  12. The American Government will provide visas only for the winners. Nothing else.
  13. There are 50,000 visas available and around 100,000 will be selected as winners.
  14. So not all the winners will be called for the interview.
  15. Re-scheduling your visa interview is not allowed in many countries. Missing your chance may result in no visa.
  16. Winners in the USA can Contact USCIS to change their status to LPR when their case numbers are current.
  17. DV 2020 winners too can participate in this dv 2021 draw.

Can a husband and wife apply for the 2021 visa draw?

Yes, if they meet country birth, education level and if have their own passports they can apply two entries one in each name for their family. They must include all their eligible children with their digital photo file in their birth order. It is not necessary to include the children who are Citizen or LPR holders in the USA. If both of them are selected as winners, the one with highest qualification must proceed with the winning. The other one must stop from processing with the DV selection.


DV 2021

DV 2019 Draw was closed officially on 30th September 2019 after giving out US Visas under this draw.

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Rescheduling my visa interview under DV Program.

DV 2019 Program is Closed.

DV 2019 visa draw was closed on 30th September 2019. The draw has issued nearly 50,000 visas to qualified eligible selected winners.



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