DV-2019 Diversity Visa lottery is a program that is officially operated and administrated by the U.S Government to issue entry permits to the selected winners to live in the USA from low immigrating countries. This is not a lottery program with money as many people may think. The main purpose of the draw is to provide entry permits to people from countries which native are less in the USA and to maintain the diversity of the people living in the USA. Eligible country born people can try their luck to immigrate to the USA through this computer random name selection. 50,000 immigrants visas are available under this computer draw for the fiscal year 2019. Only the internet and its facilities will be used to allow people to submit entries, to check their results, winner processing and winner interview notices are to be sent the winners.

When the draw will take place?

The American diversity visa program dv-2019 had already accepted entries through their online facility during the months of October and November 2017.  The draw has been closed from accepting entries and was closed on 07th November 2017. (New Dates). During this application accepting period, due to some technical problems the system went down on 10th of October 2017. Later the program was started on 18th of October and was closed on 22nd of November 2017. At the moment application forms will not be provided for to participate under this fiscal year draw.

People who want to participate in this lucky name selection draw were allowed only through the online facilities through the internet. Those eligible selected winners who are called for the interviews have to go to the Embassy personally and to process with their winnings. Also on this day they should pay US$ 330 as visa processing fee for each dependents who are attending the visa interviews. This visa processing fee is a non-refundable one. For any given reason if the visas are refused the processing fees will not be returned to the applicant.

50,000 Immigrants visas will be issued after checking the eligibility of the winners under this annual program, starting from October 2018 till 30th September 2019. After this date no winners can claim their winnings under this FY2019 program or will not be allowed to process with their winning any more. There is no place to make any complaint under this draw.

This programs official name is American Diversity Visa lottery Program although it is popularly called as Green card lottery draw, all over the world. Participants must read the diversity visa instructions before participating their entries in to the draw.

How many Application A Person can Submit?

An eligible applicant will be allowed to submit ONLY one entry to this draw in any given year as primary applicant. If not selected in this draw, they can participate in the next coming year draw. No fee will be charged from the participants if they can submit their own entry through the internet. Agents and visa consultants may charge a fee to submit your entry on behalf of yourself. If you are using an agent stay next to him and watch that he is entering your email in the E-DV entry form when applying for the draw.

In this year 2017 people were allowed to download the application from the official website and then fill and submit it along with their digital photo file within the given 60 minutes time. You can’t correct the information given in the application form once it is submitted to the draw. So double check your entry form for errors before submitting it to the system.
As a winner, if you got any babies after being selected as a winner, you can add it when you are attending for the visa interview.

Important Notice.

Photo files that were uploaded in the previous year programs are strictly not allowed to be used in this year’s draw DV-2019.
If used those photo files, the entries will be rejected from the draw without any notice to the applicant.
Check through the dv2019 instructions to see whether your birth country is eligible to participate in the draw in the eligible country section.

DV-2019 Results.


DV-2019 Results are now available to check from 15th of May, 2018 through the official diversity visa program website. Participants must have their confirmation number to check their selection results. Postal mail or Email will not be used to announce the winners. No winners name list or their photos will not be available in the internet.
Successful winners staying in the USA can request the USCIS to change their status to LPR (Green card) if their case numbers are current and visas are available under this program.

Diversity visa processing fee for person is US$ 330 (Non-refundable.) this should be paid by the eligible dependents of the primary applicant, even if they are not intending to immigrate to the USA with the primary applicant.

You can access the official diversity visa lottery website through internet connected PC, Laptop, Tablet and Smartphone to check your online selection results under this dv2019 entry permit draw..

This website will work with a variety of Internet browsers, although it is best supported by the Internet Explorer 8.0 or higher version.

Visa Processing Fee under DV2019.


It is free to apply for this American visa by draw program.
Winner will have to pay US$ 330 as visa processing fee, when he is going for the interview.
All his/her dependents too must pay this visa processing fee.
Once got the US entry permit, need to pay another US$ 160 to cover the USCIS Processing fee.
Selected winner must pay for his medical fee, police clearance fee and other related fees.
If the winner is attending visa interview in another country, he/she must pay all the expenses including travel, food and lodging.

Nothing will be provided under this draw, except the Immigrant Visas.

The U.S Government will provide the entry visa ONLY and the selected winner who got the visa must pay for his air ticket, housing facility in the USA and for the food. Those who are attending visa interviews in another country too must pay all the expenses to attend the visa interviews.
Winners must be ready to pay their medical examination fee and other related expenses related to the visa processing.

DV-2018 was closed on 30th September 2018.

Current year program Accepting entries is DV-2020.

Source: U.S State Department.


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  1. Mohamed Sesay

    Please help me with the 2019 dv lottery form, Thanks.
    The DV 2019 Application form providing website is under maintenance.
    Wait some more hours or day.


    the dv lottery 2019 program system is not working for 3 days is it over or ?

  3. mohammed elhajjoubi

    the DV 2019 application form is under maintenance. what should i do ? thanks

  4. martin

    Please I wanted to find out why the link is been down for days and when it will be reopened.thank you

  5. lott2019

    Ok, you got it now. Go ahead and apply for the draw now.
    Good Luck.

  6. lott2019

    Sure the American Government is now offering opportunity through this dv2019 program.

  7. Yetty

    is dv 19 lottery working still? , so can we check any status?

  8. lott2019

    DV-2019 Results checking website is now open and it will be kept open till September 2019.
    Read our results page and find the website address there.

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