FAQ means Frequently Asked Questions.Here you can find them for the American Diversity visa Lottery program, which used to take place annually. The draw is carried out through the internet only. Only the final visa processing will be attended by the selected winner, if called for the visa interview.

What means high case number in DV Lottery?

Winners are provided with a case number according to their selection order. In this order only they will be called for the interviews. There are only 50,000 visas available and there are 100,000 selected winners waiting for the interview. So there may be no chance for those winners with high case numbers for to be called for the green card lottery interview. The ones with the case number 60,000 and upper will be called as higher case numbers according to the regions.

FAQ of US Green Card Draw Winners interview, Important Things?

At U.S green card lottery interview following things may affect your visa issuance.

  1. Country eligibility
  2. Multiple entry check
  3. Education/work experience
  4. Affidavit of support
  5. Your Police Report.

What do they ask at the USA green card winner interview?

USA green card interview is just a casual talk and the official will check your eligibility to issue the required visas. It won’t be like a typical job interview with tough questions. if you forgot to bring any of the necessary document you will be given time to bring it back.

What is administration processing in US green card lottery?

In the US green card lottery, administration processing means that there are many Government organizations in the USA want to check about yourself and about your backround activities. Some time this may take many months for green card lottery applicants. Any how this must be finished and returned to the Embassy before 30th September. Otherwise the winning of the lottery may go useless.

My wife is pregnant, should I inform it to the KCC?

There is no need to report about the pregnancy of your wife to the KCC as a green card lottery winner.. If your wife has given birth to child then it should be included with the baby’s photo and details, when you are going for the visa processing interview..

When the next green card application opens?

Green card application open and close dates will be announced by us state department around September 2017.
The draw will be called as DV-2019. you must participate through the American Government’s official DV website.
No fee will be charged from the participants although if selected as winners they will have to pay for all the related expenses including the visa processing fees which is US$ 330 for the main applicant and each of his dependents.

I Checked my DV-2019 Results. I entered every thing perfectly. But it shows Error Message. Why?.
The US State Department had null the entries submitted 03/10 till10/10/2017. So if you try to check your results with the confirmation number that were provided within these days, the results will display an error message. So forget about this and try to apply for the next coming visa lottery program DV-02020 in this year

Am I a winner in the DV-2018draw?
Sorry, the DV-2018 program had been officially closed by the American Government..


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  2. lott2019

    As p0er the Visa bulletin the visas are finished at 38,000 for the Africa born people under DV-2018 American visa lottery program.
    Keep the hope and check for your interview letter. Good Luck.

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