Interviews Under DV-2018 Visa Program.
Winners of the DV-2018 are requested to submit their online visa applications through DS-260. Their interview dates are available from October 1st, 2017 on wards. They will be called from the lowest number 00001 and in that order till the visas exhaust. Or till the program’s closing date. Winners of the FY2018 while staying in the USA can petition to change their current status to American LPR status. It should be done through the USCIS office when their case numbers are current during the coming months. They can use the visa bulletin page to check the case numbers that are going to be CURRENT in the coming months in advance. No personal notifications will be sent to them regarding the selection or date for processing with the winning.

Letter for the Interviews will be available through the results checking website.
Most of the Embassies don’t allow the interviews to be rescheduled.

American DV Interviews, Visa Processing fees.

US$ 330 should be paid by the primary applicant and each of his dependents, even if they are not intending to immigrate to the USA.
This processing fee can be paid in US Dollar or in local currency. It should be paid on the days of the interviews according to their instructions.  Never send money to foreign countries to get American DV visas.

This is non-refundable visa processing fee. If for any reason the visas are rejected or refused the processing fee will not be returned to the applicant. The applicant can’t complain against the decision of the consular officer in any place. As the true reason for the refusal will be given to the person in writing. Also rescheduling the visa interview under the Green card program may face no more visas available situation. This is a first come first serve program as per its rules. In some countries re-scheduling of visa interview is not allowed under this draw.

This processing fee will be apply to the winners who are staying in the USA and want to petition for the LPR status.

Where to check which case numbers going to be current in the coming months?
It can be found in the American Government’s visa bulletin website. This web page is usually published in the first week of each month.



How many visas are available under this FY2018 and FY2019 draws?

Around 50,000 US Immigrant visas are provided each year to the eligible winners.

When going for the interview, take all the necessary documents, passport and a I-134 or I-864 Affidavit of support.
All the dependents must attend the visa interviews and each of them must pay their visa processing fee and must provide one affidavit of support as required.
Those who are given with high case numbers and don’t have hope for attending a visa interview can participate in the next coming draw DV-2020 in the year 2018.

Case numbers for the interview are now available from the month of October 2017. Case numbers for the interview for the months of October, November, December, January, February and March, April, May, June and July 2018 are now available for the selected winners under the DV-2018 American visa lottery program.


Latest News on DV Interviews.

Case numbers that are going to be current in the month of July 2018 is already published in the Internet. Check www.dvlotteryhelp.com website for the latest updates.
Check here: http://dvlotteryhelp.com/case-Numbers-For-DV-2018-Interview.php



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  1. philip colley

    I want someone here to tell me if computer hardware technician can apply for the 2019 visa lottery.that my I do

  2. lott2019

    You should have completed your High School certificate successfully. It is very rare to get through with work experience.

  3. philip

    So if i have two years work experence in this computer hardware without high school certificate or any good certificate I don’t qualify?

  4. lott2019

    Best is high school certificate
    With work experience – very less chance.

  5. Atia Sam

    I am in my final year in the university, and if
    God wills I shall complete comes 2018,can I apply for dv2019?