Winners Country Wise

Winners Country Wise may provide information as some countries had got lot of winners. Even though some had made few winners. Any how the visas are issued for the eligible people with birth, education/work experience. In the American visa lottery not all the applicants can’t be winners. There are 50,000 visas available every year. 13 – 14 million people used to apply for to get visas with luck. Then they wait for to see the selection results after some months. Selected winners have to prepare for their visa interviews.When their case numbers are called for interview they go for it. Some are winners while some are losers in addition along with losing their visa processing fees.

2019 Selected DV Winners Country wise.

IRAN: Nearly 4,199 winners were selected and only 298 winners were issued with visas.
UKRAINE 4,025 winners and  2,062 visas were issued
ETHIOPIA 3,856 winners and  1,696  visas were issued
RUSSIA 3,641 winners and 2,506  visas were issued
NEPAL 3,633 winners and 2,795  visas were issued
UZBEKISTAN 3,461 winners and  823 visas were issued

These numbers will give you the true view of the winners.

Ethiopia Winners Failure.

1. Most of the  Ethiopian winners didn’t fill their own Application forms in the beginning. So they don’t have email or their original details.
2. Many Ethiopians used Ethiopian calander based date of birth where they should have used the American Calendar dates..
3. Large number of people didn’t include their dependents in the original form and included them after winning in the draw.
4. Couldn’t get the required visa processing fee and or getting on Affidavit of support in time.

How this happened?

Some people may not have seen that their applications are  selected in the draw as winners.
Winners didn’t had the required education.
May not have the visa processing fee.
Couldn’t provide Affidavit of Support.
Didn’t respect the, don’t Re-Schedule visa interview date.
For instance they tried to get visas with fake marriages
However some had failed with the medical examination.
Above all fake documents were discovered at the time of the interview.

So winning in the draw country wise in large number may be high.however converting the winning may be less than the expected. Meanwhile no country will be issued with more than 3,500 American visa under this draw.
So before you apply to the draw read the Instructions carefully and understand it. you may lose the visas and the visa processing fees too, if don’t care them.

Therefore take much care before to apply in the DV 2022 draw. In other words, give true information in the form when applying for the DV Draw.


Winners Country Wise

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